The 8 most annoying things passengers do on flights

1) Abusing the passenger call button

By all means, only press it when you need it. Imagine working a 10 hour shift of non-stop requests accompanied by the noise: “Ding Ding Ding” constantly ringing in your ears. If you’ve just had drink and food, don’t press that button but give the bell a break.

2) Sneaking into business class

You might slip trough the curtain, sink into the back row and think you’ve got away with it. But trust me, you haven’t. The crew has a passenger list that tells them who is sitting where. So, beware yourself the walk of shame if you have to walk back to your real seat.

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3) Making last-minute special requests

Once you boarded the plane, you should not inform the cabin crew that you need a Kosher vegan meal or something. Make that request when you book your flight.

4) Patting the attendants bottom

It’s kind of funny as depicted in those 1960′ cartoon postcards. It may be your little private fantasy. But it’s not ok. It’s not flattering or sexy. And while we’re at it, slipping your business card in their pockets is not going to work either.

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5) Clicking your fingers to get the attendants attention

Yes, it’s a service industry but you are not a member of the Saudi royal family and attendants aren’t your slaves. You may have a gin tonic with ice and lemon but please be polite and ask respectfully, otherwise you might have some water “accidentally” drop onto your shirt. And ow yeah, they don’t like it either when you whistle.

6) Handing the attendant a bag of vomit

Okay, you’re probably wondering what you should do with it instead. Well, try to just throw it in the bin that is in the toilet. Remember that crew members are food-handlers, not cleaners or whatsoever.

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor mr bean popping vomit bag

7) Watching the crew eat in the gallery

Maybe you’re just wondering what they actually eat, but flight attendants get very little breaks, so allow them to refuel for a few minutes. And believe me, they don’t have better food than you do.

8) Ordering a lot of things

Attendants are not robots who serve you whenever you want. It’s ok if you ask for a drink or some crisps, but don’t click that “Call attendant” button every five minutes. They need to serve a plane with, sometimes over 600 people on it, so don’t be that one person they will hate at the end of the flight.

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