The city you have to visit!

On our earth, there are  over 100 cities. Some of them with a small population, some of them with a huge population. But, there is one city with over 10 million people you just have to visit at least once in your life

Of course, I’m talking about New York. Yes, New York. This is the city you should really visit. When you arrive at JFK, you will be overwhelmed with business, people everywhere, and a lot of cabs.


The first thing you should visit is Ground Zero. The place where 2 planes flew into the WTC towers. Nowadays, there are 2 fountains who resemble the original dimensions of the tower. Below ground, there’s a huge museum where you can find original remains of firetrucks, helmets, uniforms… BE AWARE: Book your tickets before you go. Mostly, there’s a big line with people waiting to buy tickets.



Next thing you can visit, is the Empire State Building. Lots of people just get to the top of the tower, but then the problem is that you can’t see the tower itself. So, I recommend you going to the Rockefeller building instead. The complex is a few blocks away from the Empire State Building, en offers a very nice view on it and the other parts of the city. In this article, I will stay in Manhattan. More articles will be following about the other boroughs of the city.

Eating in Manhattan? No problem. New York has 172 official languages, so you will also find food from all over the world. On each corner of a street you will find a restaurant. Need some Chinese food? Chinatown is the place to be for you. Or, do you like Italian more? Okay, take a look in Little Italy. Anyway, food is not a problem in Manhattan.



Safety in Manhattan is good. If you stay in the busy streets you won’t be robbed or something. Being the biggest PD of the world, the NYPD takes care of you. Also, the trucks of the FDNY and the EMS will draw your attention.

New York has a rich history. You will find a lot of museums, and beautiful monuments. NIce to do: If you take the elevator in the One World Trade Center, the history of Manhattan is projected on the walls of the elevatormaxresdefault.jpg

So: New York( Manhattan), is a beautiful city/borough with lots of culture and history. Are you a food lover? This city is the place to be for you! A visit to New York is unforgettable, and you should book your trip right now! 


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